• Picture of Organic Jasmine Brown Rice 20 kg. Picture of Organic Jasmine Brown Rice 20 kg.

Organic Jasmine Brown Rice 20 kg.

20 Packs of Organic Jasmine Brown Rice organically planted Without chemicals Aromatic and tender when cooked High nutrient 1 Pack contains 1 kg.
1,800.00 ฿
1,500.00 ฿

Vendor: Sumittha Farm
Products specifications
กลุ่มสินค้า Organic Thailand
กลุ่มสินค้า OTOP 5 ดาว

Farm’s Organic Rice is 100% chemical free. In every process, it is nurtured using organic substances which are good for not only producers and consumers but also the environment. Nevertheless, our rice contains high nutrients. Plu, it is strongly aromatic and tender when cooked.

Brown Rice is the rice that its hulk is removed but the germ and bran layer are intact, thus all of its healthy nutrients such as Vitamin B1 B2 B6 Vitamin E Fiber Antioxidants and etc. are preserved.

Cooking instructions
Quick wash and drain
To a rice cooker, add 1 portion of rice and 1.5-2.0 portion of room temperature water


Store in a cool, dry place
Refrigerate after opening

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